What is the North American Society for Sport Management?

The North American Society for Sport Management, or NASSM, is an organization dedicated to providing valuable services and information to sport management students and working professionals. By joining the NASSM, members will have access to a broad range of helpful resources that can help boost their careers. Some of these resources are described briefly in the sections that follow.

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Awards and Grants for Sport Management Majors

Funding their education is the main concern for most sport management students, especially those who do not qualify for federal aid. The North American Society for Sport Management maintains an updated listing of relevant grants and awards for members who need additional funds for their education. Requirements for each award and grant may vary, but members simply need to click on the link that interests them to find out what they may need to do to begin the application process.

Valuable Informational Journals

Members of the NASSM will also have exclusive access to three valuable journals on the North American Society for Sport Management website. Each journal contains articles pertaining to past and current information in the areas of sport management, sports marketing, and sport governance. As with many other occupational fields, the field of sport management is ever-changing. But NASSM’s helpful journals can help to keep members abreast of any new trends.

Academic and Industry Job Listings

Another great service that is provided by the North American Society for Sport Management is access to both academic and industry job listings. Since it can be a bit difficult to find a suitable job in the sport industry, this feature is quite beneficial to NASSM members. Many of the jobs posted to NASSM’s job boards cannot be found anywhere else. Sport management students working on master degrees can often find internships on the NASSM job board as well.

Exciting Informational Conferences

Members of the North American Society for Sport Management enjoy terrific discounts on informational conferences conducted at various locations around the country. For current listings of NASSM conferences, members can simply visit the society’s website and click on conferences. They can then choose the conference they are interested in to learn more about it. Each conference may include a variety of programs and events aimed at promoting the field of sport management.

Sport Management Program Listings

Members of NASSM who are looking for an accredited sports management program in their area will love the NASSM sport management program feature. Using this feature, aspiring sport management professionals will be able to locate sport management programs on the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree levels. This list is updated frequently and includes programs located in most states of the United States.

Sport management is an intriguing field that offers many terrific benefits to sport-minded professionals. And for those who would like to stay abreast of current trends in sport management, becoming a member of the North American Society for Sport Management would be a terrific choice.