What is the Ideal Frequency for Businesses to Post to Instagram?

Business owners looking to promote their products and services should know the ideal frequency for business pages to post on Instagram. Whether you have a health and fitness store or a personal training business, you can get the word out about your company by creating an Instagram account and linking it with your Facebook page. The Facebook Ads Manager enables you to publish ads across Facebook and Instagram, and business owners can embed links to their stores within ads published on Instagram. The ideal frequency for business owners to publish content in their Instagram feeds depends on the type of content being posted and the audience to which it is targeted.

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Organic Content

When it comes to marketing your business on Instagram, the best approach is to create useful content full of information that your intended audience is looking for online. It’s possible to build a large, organic following on Instagram without ever publishing any ads, but paid posts can dramatically speed up the process of building a following. While there is no upper limit for content published on Instagram, business owners should aim for at least one post per day. Whether you post how-to information, pictures, videos or personal stories, you can build trust with your followers and make them interested in returning to your page for future posts. The type of post to avoid is spammy, promotional content that makes you seem like a salesman peddling products or services that aren’t personally important to you. The search algorithms of websites like Instagram, Facebook and Google demote aggressively “salesy” content in favor of authoritative content published by creators who genuinely care about their chosen niche. By choosing a niche that you really find interesting, you can ensure that you stay motivated to create engaging content that your like-minded Instagram followers will appreciate.

Linking a Facebook Account

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and business owners can link their accounts between these two platforms. With a business page on Facebook and a business account on Instagram, you can publish promotional content with links to your website in your Instagram feed. Instagram gives content publishers the option to create normal posts or Instagram Stories with their ideas. Whether you are creating content for your circle of followers or attempting to reach new Instagram users with paid advertisements, Instagram Stories are a good alternative to regular posts because they enable you to present your ideas in a unique and engaging way. All users can publish Instagram Stories to their followers without creating a new ad in Facebook Ads Manager, and the posts will appear at the top of the screen in their followers’ feeds. According to Instagram, you can see the names of all the users who have seen your post by selecting the story and then swiping up on the screen. By using a social media scheduling app, such as Hootsuite, Later or Buffer, you can specify when you want to publish your post. Content published during the week from 5 pm to 9 pm has the best chance of being seen by Instagram users.

Social media marketing is a must for business owners looking to promote their brands, products or services online. The ideal frequency for business pages to post on Instagram is at least once a day and as many additional times as desired.