If My Passion Is Baseball, What Type of Sports Degree Should I Pursue?

If you love baseball, but don’t have the physical abilities to play for the rest of your life, there are a few SPORTS DEGREE TYPES that you can get into that will allow you to make a career in the industry. The basic skills and knowledge that you develop while growing up, can help you immensely no matter what field you decide to get into. Here are some options for the baseball lover, who wants to get a degree in something that will allow them to be involved in the sport for years to come. 

Sports Management

A career in sports management looks at sports from the business side of things. For example, if you have a desire to work with baseball teams and manage how they operate, sports management is the perfect direction for you to take. A career in sports management will allow you to show how well you understand how the sport works. You can build teams, manage facilities, and handle the operation costs of a facility. If you make it to the big league level, your goal will be to put together a team that can compete for it all and become a household name.

Sports Marketing

Another area where sports and business intersect is in sports marketing. Those who enjoy supporting their team and generating a buzz so people come to games, will find their place in sports marketing. A career in sports marketing will also allow you to work with selling merchandise and other products offered by the company.

Sports Broadcasting

Those that have a knack for knowing statistics and can talk about their favorite players all day long will be perfect in the broadcast booth. Sports broadcasters are those that are heard on radio and television, giving play-by-play analysis of the game. Sports broadcasters are also those that are on the microphone during the game, informing the audience of players who are coming up to bat, pitching changes or special events that the management wants to announce. A career in sports broadcasting not only takes having the knowledge to talk about sports, but also a charismatic voice. So if you have these traits, a career in sports broadcasting could be the perfect sports degree for you.

Sports Medicine

If you enjoy anatomy, science and health, as well as the idea of working out with the team, then a degree in sports medicine is a great route to go. You will learn about how the body reacts and how to setup health plans for your teams players. Furthermore, you’ll also be expected to help injured players rehab back to health. A degree in sports medicine will allow you to find a great job in baseball, but also give you the chance to work out with some of the best athletes in the world.


And if none of these jobs appeal to you or you find them too hard to get into, then consider being a coach. Coaches get to work with athletes of all ages as they work on their skills. Coaches also have to manage the team during games, and help players be their best. Coaches are influential people that can shape how baseball players live their lives.

Even if you aren’t the best baseball player in the world, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue playing the sport and enjoying it. Instead, there are plenty of SPORTS DEGREE TYPES that will afford you to get into a career that you’ll enjoy, with a sport that you love.