How Important is it to Have a LinkedIn Page?

Having an effective LinkedIn page can be one of the most valuable assets that college students and recent graduates can possess. But just what makes LinkedIn pages so important for persons seeking professional careers? Perhaps the best way to answer this question is by discussing the top four benefits of LinkedIn pages for career-minded individuals. By examining these benefits, anyone can see the importance and value of creating and maintaining a complete and professional LinkedIn page.

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Creates a Positive First Impression

One thing that makes LinkedIn pages so very important for college students and recent graduates is that they can help to create a positive first impression with potential employers. When recruiters or human resources personnel look over a LinkedIn profile, they often make an opinion of that person within just a few seconds. A complete and professionally written profile that includes updated information pertaining to skills, experience, accomplishments, and education will catch the reader’s attention and encourage them to delve into the profile even further.

Provides Valuable Job Search Tools

Another reason why it is so important for college students and recent grads to create a LinkedIn page today is because the site provides many valuable job search tools. An article published on the website known as Forbes describes a few of these handy tools that can help individuals locate positions in their chosen professions. Just a sample of the more helpful tools found on LinkedIn include the LinkedIn job postings tab, LinkedIn search, LinkedIn networks, and LinkedIn’s personal messaging system.

Makes Job Seekers Highly Visible to Employers

More businesses than ever before are choosing to use LinkedIn to locate and recruit qualified talent for their companies. Creating and maintaining a professional LinkedIn page can help people become highly visible to a large variety of businesses both large and small. Even people who are not actively looking for careers often find that LinkedIn can help them in other terrific ways such as connecting with other professionals in their industry. Professional persons who do not have a LinkedIn page may very well be missing out on some of these great opportunities.

Offers a Cost-Efficient Way to Secure Employment

Since there are no costs associated with creating a basic LinkedIn page, LinkedIn offers one of the most cost-efficient ways to secure employment and build professional careers. With a basic profile, users can build their professional networks, showcase their experience and expertise, and locate exciting positions in their fields of choice. Even a premium profile offered by LinkedIn is quite affordable, and the benefits that users can enjoy from maintaining a LinkedIn profile far exceed the small costs of LinkedIn’s premium packages.

With the advent of the Internet, locating employment has become much less difficult for recent graduates. Because LinkedIn can offer many fantastic benefits to professional job seekers, it is important that they create and maintain a complete and updated LinkedIn page.