How Does a Business Owner Create Meaningful Instagram Posts?

Instagram is one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms on the Internet, and business owners can connect with their customers while spreading word of their services on the social network. Business owners should think of social media as a way to promote brand awareness, rather than a platform for directly displaying ads to potential customers. While paid advertising on social media can be very effective, ads published in social feeds can be annoying, intrusive and counterproductive.

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Be Authentic

Social media is the digital version of a popularity contest. Social skills require a fundamentally different type of aptitude than professional skills, and success on social media depends on the ability to be socially popular. The advice to “be authentic” is slightly misleading because not everyone has the social skills to present an authentic and appealing version of themselves to others. If the authentic version of you is industrious and businesslike, your Instagram account may not become very popular. There is almost a direct trade-off between professionalism and social popularity. The qualities that make someone successful in business tend to hinder their social lives, and vice-versa. Business owners who are popular in real life should have no problem creating an authentic and engaging Instagram profile. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to hire a social media writer with a sense of humor and good social skills.

Use Captivating Visuals

The Instagram platform is designed to host all types of visual content. Instagram posts are required to contain at least one image, and the gallery feature enables users to upload up to 10 pictures in each post. The guidelines for creating striking visuals for Instagram are the same as the rules for creating any type of image. For photography, compose each shot using the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. The rule of thirds says to divide the frame into thirds both vertically and horizontally by creating a grid of nine squares of equal size. Then place the focus of the image in one of the four corners of the center square. The golden ratio uses a similar process, but the grid is divided into unequal sections based on the seashell pattern discovered thousands of years ago by Greek mathematicians. Most smartphone cameras offer users the option of displaying a composition grid on the screen of the camera app, so lining up a shot is fairly straightforward. It’s also important to properly light the scene and hold the camera steady while shooting to avoid taking a blurry photo.

Use Instagram Analytics

With the search tools and analytics available for Instagram, business owners can discover popular hashtags, topics, memes, and trends to help their posts get noticed. According to Forbes, social listening tools enable business owners to search through Instagram posts and comments for keywords related to the products and services they offer. Publishing quality content ensures that businesses can keep a positive image of their brands in the minds of their customers. Instagram analytics enable business owners to optimize their social media feeds and reach a larger audience with minimal effort.

When it comes to customer engagement, social media is one of the best tools available. Publishing quality content on Instagram is simple, and many tools are available to help business owners connect with their customers. It doesn’t have to be difficult for business owners to create meaningful Instagram posts.