How Can I Work for an Athletic Firm?

Many students have the dream to work for an athletic firm. It is a great career option for anyone who has a passion for sports and there is not one single path one needs to take to start a career as an athletic firm. There are many options for where to find work, making it a highly flexible occupation. Here are some of the main avenues people take to begin working for athletic firms.

Get The Right Degree

While formal education is not strictly required to work in an athletic firm, it can certainly be very beneficial and open up job opportunities. Students can get specialized degrees in sports management or more general degrees in education, business or similar subjects. In these programs, students are taught key management and business skills as well as helpful knowledge about related subjects such as finance and marketing. Participating in internships or apprenticeships while obtaining a degree is an excellent way to get hands-on work experience and make it easier to find a job at an athletic firm upon graduation. Some students may wish to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration, or MBA, after earning their bachelor’s degree. An MBA can allow significant job advancement opportunities in both major league sports team management and positions at corporations devoted to athletics.

Be Involved In The Sport

One of the best experiences for students who want to work in sports is to be involved in the sport themselves. This can be by playing the sport, coaching or being involved another way. People already involved in a sport, whether amateur, through their schools or even professionally, are in an excellent position to move on to coaching or management. Their involvement implies both the passion and knowledge of sports desired by athletic firms. These people tend to make the best coaches and managers too because they have the first-hand experience in what it is like for the athletes down on the playing field.

Get A Job

Sometimes there are jobs available at athletic firms that do not require previous experience or a degree. For example, athletic firms hire people to sell tickets, do administrative work and sell concessions. These jobs can provide a valuable stepping stone for someone in a sports organization to be promoted to higher-paying, more influential positions. These jobs can also be held while working towards a degree to pay for the schooling as well as get hands-on work experience. According to Forbes, students who do this are much more likely to get jobs in athletic firms after they graduate.

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Have An Idea

An athletic firm can also be a company that manufactures products or provides services for athletes. A new sports product that is successful can provide employment opportunities and allow students to launch their own startup. Students with creative ideas to improve the lives, safety and performance of athletes will always be in demand at athletic firms both big and small.

Athletic firms look to hire individuals who have a passion for sports, a good education, work experience and good ideas. There are a number of ways students can get in the door and work for an athletic firm of any kind.