Can You Work from Home as a Sports Management Professional?

For anyone interested, it is entirely possible to work from home as a sports management professional. In most cases, it must be noted, though, that such opportunities are only made available with some prior tenure in the industry. This is not always the case but is more often than not. With that, let’s look at some of the options in work-at-home jobs in sports management today. Here are five of the best.

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Accountant, Auditor

In some cases, accountants and auditors can do much of their duties from the comfort of home. In addition, both of these roles are sometimes combined into a singular position. Either way, the job of this kind of professional is to review, record, and help to analyze an organization’s financial matters. In the specific area of sports management, an accountant/auditor may work with money figures involving stadium maintenance, ticket sales, multi-level taxation, marketing, general matters of expansion or reduction, and more. For some, the very best part is the opportunity to do much of it from home.

Financial Manager

As their title suggests, financial managers oversee and manage all or a significant portion of an organization’s finances. In doing this, not only do they themselves delve into calculating and figuring out finances but they also oversee staff, such as the above-mentioned auditors and accountants, in all areas of departmental work. At the end of the day, this professional typically reports to a CEO or other upper-level manager and is often able to carry out many of their duties from home or elsewhere.

Management Analyst

Another great option in remote positions in sports management is that of the management analyst, also referred to as a “consultant”. Management analysts typically work for an outside consultancy firm and are hired to then analyze and provide professional, fresh, outside views of an organization’s management approaches. Much of a consultant’s work, with regard to this sector or any other, is done on the go. Sometimes they need to physically be at a client’s property, while they are also able to do much of their work from afar. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites this kind of professional as having a healthy median wage of around $82,450 per year.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts, or ORAs, work in a similar fashion as management analysts. ORAs analyze client or employer operations methods and then produce associated feedback. To do this, this professional must be savvy and able to research and understand any number of emerging methods, sciences, and more, all in the name of bettering their target’s operations. Of particular interest to some is the Bureau of Labor Statistics‘ astounding growth rate figures for this occupation: 27% growth through 2026.

Marketing Associate

“Marketing associate” is an incredibly broad and encompassing term in the business world, but in sports management, this associate will focus mainly on targeted marketing and advertising efforts for one particular sports team or venue. Duties here include researching effective advertising methods, researching target audiences, creating effective marketing tools, deploying such tools and campaigns, and more. In the end, whether from home, on the streets, or from within the company office, this professional works to bring in a greater audience and promote favorable opinions regarding the brand.

Sports management is a wide sector of the business world, full of many great opportunities. Some of these opportunities even include remote, or at-home job opportunities. These five examples represent some of those great opportunities found in the field right now.