University of Houston

University of HoustonHouston is a vibrant cultural oasis and home to more than two million people. As one of the nation’s largest cities, Houston draws millions more each year to visit and explore its rich metropolis.

Outside of being the energy capital of the globe, Houston is also home to the University of Houston – a leading academic and research institution that supports the best and brightest minds in their journey to learn, grow and achieve their dreams.

The University of Houston was originally founded in 1927, but it didn’t become the University we know and love today until it broke ground on its first building in 1939. Then it declared itself a state institution in 1963 and became part of the regional system in 1977.

More than thirty years later, the University of Houston boasts a sprawling campus that hosts more than 40,000 students each year; offering more than 300 undergraduate, graduate and online degree programs, many of which are considered top programs in the country.

The University of Houston strives to provide a comprehensive, academically rich and research rooted experience for each and every student. With remarkable ties to the Greater Houston community, as well as with many local institutions, corporate structures and government agencies, students are provided the opportunity to learn, grow, develop their skills and make an impact on the world.

University of Houston Accreditation Details

The University of Houston upholds accreditation through the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Many of the University’s professional programs are accredited through additional organizations, as well.

The University of Houston is also aligned with the following organizations: the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States, the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools, the National Commission on Accrediting, the Association of Texas Colleges and Universities, the American Council on Education, the Association of American State Colleges and Universities, the Association of American Colleges, the Association of Urban Universities and the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.

University of Houston Application Requirements

For high school students looking to apply to the University of Houston as an incoming undergraduate student, the application criteria is as follows:

  • Submit a completed online ApplyTexas application
  • Submit a $50 application fee via credit card, check or money order
  • Submit official high school transcripts
  • Submit official SAT or ACT test scores

Students are encouraged to submit everything electronically, if possible, for faster processing and consideration. Students are also encouraged to check their respective programs for additional admission criteria.

Students who are applying as incoming transfer students from another academic institution are subject to the same application requirements. Such students, however, are required to submit official copies of previous undergraduate coursework for consideration.

For all incoming undergraduate students who are looking to apply for the spring semester the deadline is December 18th. For the summer semester, the deadline for admissions is May 1st and for the fall semester, the deadline is July 1st. The applications are made available to students as of August 1st for all semesters.

For students looking to apply to one of the University’s many graduate degree programs, the application criteria is as follows:

  • Submission of a completed online application
  • Submission of an application fee – this varies depending on the program
  • Submission of official transcripts and test scores
  • Letters of recommendation – this varies depending on the program
  • A personal statement
  • A resume or CV

Additional materials such as writing samples, portfolios, etc. may be required depending on the program. Students are encouraged to contact their program of interest, directly, for more information.

For those looking to apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences to pursue an advanced degree in Sport and Fitness Administration, for instance, the application requirements are similar. Students, however, are required to submit three letters of recommendation (on business head) and a statement of professional goals and interests to be considered.

Graduate admission deadlines also vary depending on the program. For students applying to the graduate Sports and Fitness Administration program, the deadline for fall semester is May 1st, the deadline for spring semester is October 1st, and the deadline for the summer semester is March 1st.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Funding a quality education can be tough – this is why the University of Houston offers relatively low tuition rates and significant financial aid packages to students needing assistance with their education.

The 2016 fixed tuition rate for incoming undergraduate students who are residents is $4,855 per term. For non-residents, the cost is $12,205 per term. This cost does not reflect any additional fees associated with the cost of living, campus fees, etc. Each credit thereafter (for all colleges) is $305 (per semester hour – residents) and $795 (per semester hour – non-residents). Different colleges do charge slightly different per credit hour rates depending on the status of the student.

Graduate student fees are dependent on the program, as each program charges a different amount per credit hour. Credits for Master’s Degree residents range from $349-$1122 per hour, depending on the college. Non-resident tuition rates range from approximately $839 -$1,582per credit hour. Doctoral resident and non-resident students are subject to similar costs, depending on the program of study. These rates are for credit hours only and do not include other campus fees, living expenses, etc.

Both undergraduate and graduate students needing some assistance with regards to funding their education can apply for a wide range of scholarships, federal and private loans, grants, fellowships and graduate assistantship programs through the University. The University encourages each student to complete and submit the appropriate paperwork in a timely fashion for consideration.

Student Experience

Students looking to attend the University of Houston can expect an experience unlike any other. The University is rich in history and culture; and strives to deliver a top-notch education and personal experience to all who attend.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Sport Administration, is a truly unique program that prepares students for professional placement with over 120 credit hours of sports, fitness and tourism education. Students in this program are required to complete an internship in the field, gaining real-world knowledge and hands on experience within the Greater Houston community.

Students in this program are also given the opportunity to participate in the Houston Institute of Sports Administration, which is a fairly new organization that helps students network and develop into working sports professionals.

With a fairly small student/teacher ratio, many direct, hands-on learning experiences and the Houston Institute of Sports Administration, students at the University of Houston are given ample opportunity to learn, grow and develop the skills needed to achieve all of their sports management dreams.